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nonnative and CONVERS in the autumn and winter of 2016 again in cooperation with the classic basketball shoes PRO-LEATHER HI as the prototype, and retained the retro elements in the design, the new shoes collocation on slightly yellowish soles and uppers do old effect, more use of the suede material of the texture of the old deliberately raising. In addition to ordinary shoelace style, nonnative also presented a zipper tongue piece, through the design of military style inspiration to create more details is concise and easy to put on and take off. Nonnative x CONVERS PRO-LEATHER HI will be on sale at nonnative outlets in September Cheap air jordans for sale 24th at a price of 20000 yen. It opened a royal cat exhibition Zhao, Chicago also has a pitch black. this is the first year of Air Jordan 5, 13 models of high color in the only two to white based color AJ13, and the other one does not need to dwell on, "He Got Game", that is, "Panda" color matching, in every possible way classic. contrast, the white red and black Air Jordan 13 OG "Chicago" didn't seem too hot, in each 5 year people for having heard it many times in color matching, whether it is "Panda", "black", "All Star" or "GIGI" is the idol type, even "Chicago" popular only row in the old. However, it really keeps people w cheap jordans online aiting for too long, and it's time to get it back. In 2017, Air Jordan 13, which opens the 20th anniversary celebration of the Black Cat color, is white after black and is on sale during the NBA all star game this year. In last year's Jordan major Christmas series, in order to pay tribute to the white red AJ13, such as Melo, M13, CP3.X and so designed white red. in short, this pair of Air Jordan 13 OG Chicago came back and sold in full size, following the February OG AJ4 white cement, and this year, Jordan Brand rolled out a pair of OG again. in the huge consumption potential China sports shoes market, new balance is undoubt cheap jordans for sale mens edly a latecomer to slow. But Rowe thought they were just in time. when it comes to the world's most famous sports brand, most Chinese consumers will soon associate Nike, Adidas and Reebok. Last November, when the new 100-lun (New Balance, the "good") announced China fully into the market, it sounds a bit like from a forgotten corner of the sound. new 100-lun chairman and chief executive officer Davies (Jim Davis) from the Boston headquarters of the United States who came to Shanghai, said at a press conference: "if you wear new 100-lun, it must be a good runner!" In marking the official landing China "push Cheap air jordan 12 ovo shoes ceremony", new 100-lun first complete outline of the China in the expansion of the city center in Beijing, Shanghai plans to open 70 new image of the store, including the size of the super luxury flagship store; to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the scale of development Chinese Market more than other countries, a new balance in the world's second largest market outside the United states. To this end, Davies sent the general manager of the beloved Gan, original new 100-lun Taiwan Luo Ping China district responsible for the development of business?. Luo Ping? Is also the only female new 100-lun executive director, global summ Retro jordans for sale it decision-making group. put in? Ping face a grim reality is that when it comes to new 100-lun China, mainland consumers are not deep impression. Few people know that in the United States, new rival Adidas has more sports shoes market share price even higher than Adidas. In 2003, new 100-lun American sports shoes market accounted for 10.7%, accounting for Adidas 9.2%. "we only focus on the sports shoes and clothing, do equipment and ancillary products," Luo Ping said?. In this sense, the new balance is the nation's second, the world's third largest sports brand. New 100-lun in 2003 global sales of $1 billion 300 millio cheap foamposites n. new 100-lun "jogging shoes king" reputation in the international market. The American Association of sporting goods firm data show that running in the most prominent national sports shoes market, sales reached US $4 billion 500 million, accounted for 30% of sales of sports shoes, high basketball shoes and all-around sports shoes, walking shoes. Although the United States to occupy Nike sports shoes market share as high as 40%, but down to the shoes, after its sales into new 100-lun. Apple Computer CEO Jobs (Steve Jobs), Microsoft Corp chairman Gates (Bill Gates), is a new balance of loyal supporters)According to Ta cheap jordan shoes for men iwan media reports, the KMT policies CEO Ceng Yongquan, legislator Guo Suchun, Zhu Fengzhi et al., 23, criticized the authorities only to a small number of people on the flat shoes taking words, will be on the mainland shoes anti-dumping tax levied on the lock, results from taiwan. Guo Suchun said that the authorities of foreign flat high-tech industry and good attitude, not only have duty-free reward, instead of the traditional industry poor attitude, no reward, no tax, the footwear industry to survive, to the development of the mainland, now have to levy anti-dumping tax, the industry is equal to two degrees suffer no rea Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping sonable. to set up factories in mainland shoe, on behalf of Taiwan, the morning to the "Legislative Yuan" to the KMT policies CEO Ceng Yongquan, legislators Guo Suchun, Zhu Fengzhi, Li Quanjiao, Wu Songbai et al stated, the minority footwear industry in mainland China shoe dumping market in Taiwan on the grounds, to petition the authorities. Hope in towel industry case, for the mainland shoes levy anti-dumping duties, which caused the island's footwear retail sales, most Taiwanese importers and the footwear industry panic. it is reported that the petitioners pointed out that the production of shoes and towels, towel Retro jordans for sale which belongs to the automatic production of products made, imposition of anti-dumping duty has little effect on the price of the end product. But the shoe product has 80% artificial process, is a high cost, high labor, once the imposition of anti-dumping duties, have a great impact on people's livelihood prices. (Editor: admin) this morning we have just reported Nike KD 8 elite variety of colors available information, we see is a rule breaking dare to break through the design concept, now the white version of the real figure has been released, we work together to take a look at. source: sneakerbardetroit& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; cheap jordans for sale [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Nike's CEO Mark Parker recently announced that the current Nike (Nike) online sales have accounted for 15% of all Direct sales, online retail It is the top priority, and is expected to continue to promote the sales of Nike's growth in the future for a long time. Nike Internet Retailer rankings released 2014 US Internet retail 500 Article 64, before the 2015 fiscal year six months has maintained a strong growth. As of November 30, 2014, Nike in fiscal year 2015 second quarter earnings announcement, its online sales grew 65%, but did not disclose specific sales. In the first quarter of its 2015 fiscal year, Nike has announced that its online sales accounted for 15% of total sales. This data is accounted for in the 2014 first quarter was 10.7%. Internet Retailer estimates, Nike's second-quarter online sales rose $ 124.2 million a year earlier to $ 204.8 million; all direct-to-consumer sales channels, including online, always store and related channels straight down the line business sales, an increase of $ 1.157 billion in the previous year to $ 13.65, or 18%; Nike's total revenue from $ 6.43 billion the same period last year to $ 7.38 billion, up 14.8%; net profit compared to the same period last year 5.34 billion, up to $ 665 million, or 22.7%. for Nike companies, the proportion of online channels increases, doing my part to become the company's current top priority. Parker on a conference call the company's second-quarter earnings and Wall Street analysts said that online sales in the next few years will be Nike's largest and most important opportunity to promote sales growth. At the same time, continuous innovation and new market development opportunities holding parallel. Currently these are just "Anything is possible," the first step in the future. Recently, Nike released the first half of 2015 the financial situation: The total revenue of $ 13.4 billion compared to last year increased 14.6 percent to $ 15.36 billion; net profit up by 22.9%, from $ 1.31 billion to $ 1.61 billion. As can be seen, Nike return on investment in the field of electronic business, the performance of 2015 second-quarter online sales of 65 percent growth. Nike plans to behave late aspirations, ambitious, to include global online consumers. In investor relations and bank meetings, Nike said it expects fiscal year 2017, its annual online sales of at least $ 2 billion. 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